HackDelft 2019 is the third edition of HackDelft, organised by W.I.S.V. "Christiaan Huygens"

HackDelft is the third hackathon organized by W.I.S.V ‘Christiaan Huygens’. Join 150 other students interested in math, computer science or design for 24 hours of learning, building, and having fun. We’re excited to work with our four premium partners to provide HackDelft-exclusive tools and data for you to hack with this year!

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Only students and highschool students can attend HackDelft. You can participate in teams of 4 and if you register alone we will make sure you can find your own group.

How to enter

Please register using the registigration button at www.hackdelft.nl


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Felipe Moraes

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Mauricio Aniche

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Christoph Lofi

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Asterios Katsifodimos

Judging Criteria

  • Project